Inspiring Leadership

The challenge
Across the business there was little clarity of what great leadership was and no effective development to embed leadership skills and behaviours. Engagement  and leadership skill fluctuated by department. We needed to understand each department, ensure what we did created consistency of leadership across the business and embedded effectively in each department.

What we did
We completed an organisational diagnostics and worked with senior leaders to create a core curriculum and a bespoke development programme to roll it out into each function. All leaders in each function went through the programme which had multiple facets. A kick off / catalyst event, bite sized development sessions, action learning sets, on the job learning and coaching to ensure the new behaviours and skills embedded.


  • 22 point increase in engagement within 6 months of the programme
  • £3,000,000 saving in one business area (Finance) year 1


Top Talent

The challenge
The organisation knew who their talent was but had no mechanisms for developing, deploying or retaining this group. Attrition in talent was higher than the organisations average.  

What we did
Designed and delivered key strategic leadership interventions to build talent. This included working with senior leaders to understand the key capabilities required for the future of the business. Creating development centers, formal training, access to senior mentors and coaching support, alignment to strategic projects, informal sessions with Board directors.


  • 100% retention (within the organisation) of all talent year 1
  • 60% promotion / move to new role of talent year 1



First Class Service

The challenge
4,000 employees were working in a customer contact centre where repeat contact was high and increasing and customer satisfaction dropping month on month. The current approach was not sustainable. 

What we did
Provided the strategic direction and guidance required to senior leaders to create a new operating model, based on ‘Systems Thinking’. Programme managed all aspects, including: a change to operational thinking, building leadership capability, new measures / roles. Delivered all people development and engagement activity.


  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • 40% reduction in repeat contact


Award Winning Academy

The challenge The organisation had under-invested in people development. Engagement was low and colleagues did not have the skills and knowledge they needed to deliver the business strategy. 

What we did Built an award winning Academy space,  created functional academy’s and a leadership curriculum that was rolled out to 100,000 people. These built key capabilities to implement the  business strategy.


  • 10% reduction in range
  • 10% increase in employee engagement


Phillippa Hurrell

The impact we have


‘Phillippa brings infectious energy to training and development.

She helps expand your thinking when designing programmes, and is the master  of engagement in the training room - using her dynamic nature and natural warmth to gain maximum input and output from delegates.

A professional and determined person who is passionate about maximising potential, Phillippa always adds value to the conversation.’
Senior Director


‘Phillippa is a confident professional lady, who also remains down to earth, hilarious and generous, but one who has huge drive, masses of creativity, resilience of mega proportions and a positive make a difference mindset. She is quite unique, seriously its a great combination.’
Senior Director


‘The coaching I have had with Phillippa has been so inspiring and really helpful, it has transformed my thinking and the approach I take at work and at home’ 
Head of Customer Service

Phillippa working with your organisation 

Phillippa listened to our business challenges and guided us through the best ways to address our needs.  To help this process, she ran a taster session, met with our senior leadership and members of our talent programme, really investing in building her knowledge of our organisation. The result was a great programme of learning which has received strong feedback from those who have been involved. Phillippa is highly organised, responsive, passionate and goes out of her way to make the whole experience a positive one.’
Head of Talent and Resourcing