Great leadership increases productivity by around 22%

increases service metrics by 10% and reduces absenteeism by 44%. Can you really afford not to invest in your leaders?


What We Do

  • Poor leadership can cost your business.  Great leadership increases productivity by around 22%, increases service metrics by 10% and reduces absenteeism by 44%.  Can you really afford not to invest in your leaders? 
  • We work with businesses to build more impactful, engaging leaders who are able to more purposefully deliver their organisational objectives. 


How we do it: 

  • Our expertise has been built up over 15 years working in Sales, Leadership, and Learning & Development roles within a wide variety of organisations and industries.  Our first step is to understand your organisation, its challenges and vision.  We ground everything we do in research, we connect everything back to the day job, ensuring learning embeds by making it practical, fun and memorable.  


What we believe: 

  • Great leadership is about who you are as much as what you do, so our leadership development interventions focus on both:
  • Building self awareness, connection to purpose, confidence and resilience as well as ensuring individuals have the leadership skills they need to be a success in an ambiguous, uncertain and changing world.

67% of change fails to deliver its initial objectives.


Areas we can help with: 

  • Leading transformation and change  - 67% of change fails to deliver its initial objectives.  The main reasons for this are lack of engagement and ineffective leadership.  We support leaders to develop the mindset, skill set and tools to lead change.  Organisations complain that their people have change fatigue but the pace of change is not going to slow, if anything it will accelerate.  Leaders need a well honed set of skills to lead their teams in this new world. 
  • Understanding and managing biases' - If you are human you are biased!  Bias does not equal bad guy (we all have them) but allowing our biases to make people decisions can equal poor and costly decision making.  With the competition for securing talent and organisations operating in an increasingly competitive environment, can you seriously afford for your leaders to make poor people decisions (without realising). 
  • Resilience, confidence and self belief - High performance requires confidence, self belief and bounce-back-ability. 
  • Engagement and motivation  -  research tells us that engaged employees are better for business, more productive, more loyal, more creative and much happier.  Do your leaders know how to tap into what truly motivates their team?  Can they create uber engaged super teams?  We can show you how. 
  • Vision, direction and purpose  -  90% of leaders are less than effective……busy being busy!  To deliver with real purpose people need clear focus plus the energy and drive to get the right things done.  Do your leaders create clarity of vision and direction for their teams?  Helping their teams see the difference they have, helping them prioritise their precious time on the stuff that really matters.
  • We support leaders to have conversations that build performance.

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